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Chess : the king of all games !


Chess is the king of all games with a very ancient tradition spanning over a millennium and a half – a rich history of world class players and the accumulated wisdom their games contain.

In this chess course, we will explore the many intricacies of this game of Kings, and seek to walk along the path that leads to chess mastery.

A central aim will be to develop the student’s capacity for foresight: thinking before acting, analysing positions and learning to draw the correct conclusions for making a strategic plan. This takes patience, concentration and focus. We will also insist on the mutually beneficial sagacity of a fair-play attitude, which leads to cumulative gains: as we get stronger and teach others, they in turn make us stronger players too – but we must be respectful and humble with others!

Along the way, we will visit many of the beautifully crafted tactical combinations in chess history, including the play of modern grandmasters and world champions.

This chess club will combine weekly lessons on the board and practice through playing games with others as well as training with exercise sheets, and puzzles to solve.

Anatole Grundman, a young, bright and dynamic chess player rapidly approaching master level will coach the Thursday and Friday morning sessions for Union School pupils.

Craig Vergos, armed with decades of coaching experience will distill his chess secrets Wednesday afternoons in English.

They are both looking forward to making your acquaintance on the 64 square Black and White jungle!

Thank you to Bastien Dubessay – Chess Master



•   For girls and boys aged 5-6 years

•   Every Wednesday from 2.30pm to 3.30pm

•   From 21 September

•   Fees: 550 euros for 32 workshops in English