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Colori : understanding digital without watching a screen


Follow the adventures of Hayo the robot and learn how computers work, create algorithms, programme a robot, code in binary, and all this without using any screen. How does it work? You read, imagine, draw, and manipulate the concepts with the help of an English speaker. Let’s do this with Colori and Union School!

Because the world is eminently technological and it is as essential to master its notions as it is to know how to read, write or count. Because technology is an integral part of the general culture of the 21st century. Because learning to code develops many other skills : the ability to abstract and solve problems, logical thinking, mathematics, vocabulary, etc. Because it is more than necessary to learn this new language! And no one would think of waiting until the age of 6. Because it’s fun.

Workshop open if a minimum of 8 children are registered – Maximum 12 children



•   For girls and boys aged 3-6 years

•   Every Wednesday from 2.30pm to 3.30pm

•   From 21 September

•   Fees: 690 euros for 32 workshops in English