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What do our parents think of Union School ? Let’s hear from them.

maternelle union school paris ecole bilingue top meilleure intramuros

Afterall they are is the best position to talk about it... parents you have the floor!

At Union School, we work hand in hand with you, the parents. It is your opinions, suggestions, feedback and encouragement that inform our pedagogy, geared as it is towards excellence and the development of all your children’s talents.


From its conception, in 2019, it was important to us to create a bilingual nursery and primary school offering the best for our pupils, in the heart of the 16th arrondissement. This dream school, thought out down to the last detail, was born out of enthusiasm, passion and international professionalism. It opened its doors in 2022.


We are happy to build it with you, on a daily basis.


Because we are also parents, we have imagined a demanding and joyful bilingual learning experience. A bilingual school with a holistic approach, where academic excellence, fun and well-being are top of the agenda.


On this page we have gathered many testimonials from current parents. Through them, we also invite you, the parents of future Union School students, to discover the experience of our unique education. We hope that this will make you eager to learn more!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send them to us by email at contact@unionschoolparis.com or contact us on 01 88 40 14 40 / 06 58 71 01 01.

Your testimonials

"An exceptional school in the 16th arrondissement of Paris"

“Just want to tell how amazing you are to have had the idea of opening this wonderful school and executed it to such perfection. 

For everyday Remi is in Paris, I’m grateful that you and lan have provided such diverse and open learning environment for the kids to feel at home and to be who they are (maybe a better version each day). This is such an oasis in an increasingly fractured world. 

I know how much work must have gone into this project behind the scene. Imre and I are deeply appreciative and you will always have two supporters in us!”

Jane – Remi’s mother

maternelle union school paris ecole bilingue top meilleure intramuros

"Une ambiance bienveillante pour des enfants heureux à l'école "

“Je profite de ce mail pour te remercier encore et encore infiniment pour tout ce que tu as fait pour offrir à mon fils cette école de haute compétition dans laquelle il s’épanouit tant !


Chaque jour qui passe le rend plus heureux, plus mûr, plus sûr de lui, fier de ses efforts et excité chaque matin de retrouver ses maîtresses…” 


Merci …


Une maman heureuse – Celia

"It has been the best year for Álvaro and Daniel with all of you as teachers"

Dear Barbara, Ian and all the Union School team,


It has been the best year for Álvaro and Daniel with all of you as teachers. From day one we have felt your dedication and passion for teaching, which has made your educational experience truly enriching. Throughout the year they have learned a lot thanks to your knowledge, patience and constant support. The best proof of that is how happy they have gone to School every single morning!


Each one of you has left an indelible mark on the educational path of our children. Your innovative teaching methods, your willingness to answer their questions, and your ability to motivate them have been instrumental in their academic and personal growth. 


Through your commitment and dedication, you have inspired them to fight for their goals and believe in their own potential. And, also they have learned valuable lessons about the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and mutual respect.


Luis & Laura