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Engaging with charitable causes

At Union School, we advocate mutual aid and cooperation.


To be a citizen of the world means giving of one’s time and energy by committing to concrete actions that show solidarity and eco-responsibility.

The satisfaction of getting the lines moving is a tremendous driving force. There is no age limit for getting involved. Our students are actively encouraged, through both small daily gestures as much as long-term projects, and parents are always invited to participate.


Specific long-term commitments

Working for and with “education for all” as well as being involved in environmental protection is particularly close to our hearts.  

This is why all our pupils are actively involved in solidarity actions around an association with which Union School has established a long-term partnership. 


The vegetable garden on our grounds allows us, among other things, to generate awareness of eco-responsibility among our pupils in a very tangible way.

It's to learn about good gestures

By getting into the habit of acting in an eco-responsible manner : sorting waste in the classroom and at the canteen, not wasting water and energy… Children are made aware of the need to respect the planet. 

Rational logistics

Recycled materials, use of organic products, limited use of plastic – we apply a policy of virtuous management of the school’s resources. 

An innovative school support program

Union School welcomes 150 children with learning difficulties from disadvantaged backgrounds during the summer holidays in July – free of charge.

Joint projects

All our teams are committed to the solidarity and responsibility project of the establishment. We also involve the parents who can participate in numerous actions of solidarity carried out with the children.