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Valuing kindness on a daily basis

Not always fully acknowledged, kindness has, however, as antonyms brutality, harshness, coarseness and nastiness. These are attitudes that have no room at Union School.

Our school promotes kindness at all levels. Kindness as in caring for oneself, as well as caring for each other, in the classroom and in everyday life. 

Our teaching teams lead the way by integrating this value into the heart of their teaching. 

Active supervision

Under the guidance of their teachers, children are encouraged to be kind to each other, both in the classroom and in the schoolyard. 


We help them to resolve conflicts peacefully, to accept differences, to show empathy and to listen.  

A pillar of our recruitment

Know-how, open-mindedness, experience, empathy, vision… the list of our recruitment criteria meets our high standards especially when it comes to kindness. 


This is also the reason why, after having carefully chosen them, we particularly pamper our teams. 

Accompanying parents, including after school

As parents, we know how short days are. Making your daily life easier is one of our priorities. 


We provide you with a dedicated portal, that allows you to follow your child’s schooling in a few clicks, to access practical information, and to manage all administrative procedures. 

The time you spend with your child is precious. In view of that, we organize the day in a way that homework is done at school. 


And if you haven’t had time to come up with an idea for a reading, a cultural outing, a concert or a show to do with your family, don’t worry. 


Every week, our teachers offer you a selection of incredible activities related to the program. 

Activities for living together

To make the children aware of life as part of the community, joint projects and debates are organized within the school. 

Initiation to philosophy is one of the tools put in place to encourage introspection and mutual respect.