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« De l'Excellence naît la Confiance »
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Gaining confidence, in oneself and also in others

« Confidence is the driving force behind the desire to learn ».


Neurologist Stanislas Dehaene could not have summed up the importance of this fact any better. A pillar of our pedagogy, ‘self-confidence’ is based on the confidence we give to our teachers. 


Offering a serene environment where children as much as teachers feel valued, listened to and safe is essential.

The French school system lags behind in the fostering of cross-disciplinary competences like self-esteem.

Union School uses tools from the Anglo-Saxon educational systems to encourage and value children’s efforts. Whether through non-discriminatory self-assessment methods, personalized coaching, public speaking, regular participation in common projects within the classroom, or the collective celebration of successes, we are committed to ensuring that our students have the desire to learn and excel every day. Our teaching values the ability to believe – without arrogance – in one’s abilities.

Exploring, daring to ask, daring to do, making mistakes and starting over without ever being judged, but always encouraged, leads to greater autonomy, increased perseverance, well-being and enriched social relationships.


If your child gains confidence at Union School, we will have earned yours.

Proven methods

Our pedagogical choices are based on the Montessori method for an active pedagogy for the youngest year groups. We chose the Singapore method for learning mathematics, the syllabic and phonetic method for learning to read.


Those are enriched by educational techniques validated by the cognitive sciences. We do not invent anything but judiciously combine the most innovative experiences, the best educational systems throughout the world, techniques validated by cognitive sciences. 

Confidence as a driver that is cultivated

Self-confidence allows you to overcome all obstacles. Thanks to self-confidence your child’s learning capacity increases tenfold. 


We therefore do everything we can to make it grow. Weekly assemblies bring the school together and allow us to celebrate everyone’s achievements, whatever they may be. 


Be proud of what makes us unique

Union School offers a multicultural environment rich in diversity.

Every day, your children feel welcome, free to express their uniqueness and to embrace their full potential.

It is in safety, listened to by teachers, surrounded by the school staff and respected by fellow classmates that they can blossom serenely and at their own pace.

To be well accompanied

Pedagogy, psychology, management of motor functions… Thanks to the Board of Experts committee that accompanies Union School, all day-to-day questions receive an informed answer. 


The expertise of these early childhood professionals allows us to provide tailor-made support throughout the year. 


You can count on their know-how, they are among the best.

The same idea of the school

Transparency is an indicator of trust.  


The Union School Charter clearly sets out all of our values and commitments. 


By adhering to it, teachers, children and parents ensure that they share the same vision and pursue the same goal.

Moving forward together

Parents, grandparents, our school is always open to you. A dedicated portal also allows you to follow the program day after day and accompany your child’s progress.