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« De l'Excellence naît la Confiance »
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Developing team spirit

If one does not know how to recognize and value the skills of others, 

if one does not know how to delegate, motivate, organize and evolve within a group, 

if one is reluctant to rejoice in common victories, 

it is in vain to hope to achieve great things. 

Successfully completing a project requires moving forward hand in hand.  Your children are about to evolve in a professional world in which team spirit is essential. All of us, teaching staff, parents and grandparents, set an example. This is why we are particularly careful to encourage team spirit in all its forms.

Joint projects

Throughout the year, class mates work in teams to carry out projects that require collaboration. 


Groups of pupils from various year groups participate in “School Events”. Whether through sports, games, competitions or creative projects, the children get to know each other and cooperate.

School uniform

In order to reinforce the feeling of belonging to one big team, all pupils wear a school uniform in the colours of Union School. 

Tandem operation

Parents, grandparents, you are part of the Union School team. We have the same goal. By working closely together, we will achieve better results. 


That’s why you are welcome to attend our workshops, to accompany pupils, to attend activities, to read a story, to share your passion or your know-how.