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« De l'Excellence naît la Confiance »
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The excellence of Union School

At an age when children absorb energy, emotions and knowledge with increased sensitivity, the quality of the school environment is crucial.


Benefiting from outstanding teaching allows each child to prepare for the challenges of the 21st century.


The « excellence » cultivated at Union School is not limited to the acquisition of core competences. It encompasses language practice, the development of soft skills and the stimulation of creativity through a wide range of extracurricular activities. It is also decisive for the recruitment of our staff.

A double curriculum for all our classes - the programme de l’Éducation nationale and the English Curriculum

All of our students benefit from a dual syllabus. Thanks to the simultaneous teaching of both programs, your child can easily join any English – or French-speaking school system at any time.

Two teachers per class - native English and French speakers - will accompany your child.

Feeling supported, being able to move forward at your own pace, receiving personalized support are key factors for success. This is why our classes have two dedicated teachers, but never more than 20 pupils. 

The active integration of neurosciences at the heart of the pedagogy

To effectively develop the extraordinary cognitive abilities of the pupils, our teaching integrates recent advances in neuroscience. By regularly sharing their findings, the scientists of our Board of Experts enrich the school’s program in a tangible and permanent way.


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The permanent stimulation of talents - all talents

Stimulation of transversal skills and cultivation of curiosity : we encourage creativity wherever it can be found. It is creativity that allows children to fully express their personality.


Our program integrates several hours of daily activities, combining manual practices, art, logic and strategy. These activities encourage learning by complementing academic teaching in a playful way.


Total immersion in language learning

Practicing foreign languages from an early age helps to develop selective attention, the ability to concentrate, mental flexibility.


Our bilingual teaching is accompanied by language courses such as Chinese, Spanish, or Russian, offered at the Union School Academy.

A holistic pedagogy

The success of learning depends on the relevance of the method. 


To develop Union School’s holistic approach, we have drawn inspiration from the best education systems in the world. We are constantly incorporating the latest findings in cognitive science with the advice of scientists and early childhood specialists.

We seek to encourage children’s natural inclination for experimentation, accompany them on their journey towards conceptualisation, stimulate their curiosity, broaden their horizons, and create the conditions for their personal development as an integral part of our approach. 


Playing, singing and listening to classical music are activities practiced daily, as is reading. 


Our yoga and meditation sessions promote concentration and relaxation. The day’s programme invariably includes plenty of fun activities in English and each week we also devote time to philosophy. 

Imagine tomorrow

We can never broaden the field of possibilities enough. Every month French and English-speaking experts are invited to share their passion with the children. 


Sport, cooking, humanitarian commitments, art, they share what they excel in, nurturing the dialogue between generations. 

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Stimulating soft skills

The learning of academic core skills is enriched by the practice of social skills: good manners, empathy, emotional intelligence, intuition, listening, adaptability… These are essential to generate a positive dynamic in one’s relationships with others and to evolve harmoniously. 

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A demanding choice of partners

At Union School, our whole team embodies our commitment to Excellence. Whether it is recruiting our teaching teams, choosing our partners and service providers, or setting up the Board of Experts, we make no compromises.


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The English language activities of the Academy

It’s so much easier to learn while having fun : sports, language lessons, construction games, theatre, drawing, coding… Every Wednesday afternoon, the Union School Academy offers a variety of activities in English.

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The « what to do next week end » selection of our teaching teams

Every week, a selection of outings and readings to do with the family is proposed. Suggested by our teachers, these give you the opportunity to complement the program.


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